Saturday, August 23, 2008

spostati di vento. in silenzio.

I am moving by wind. In Silence.
You can't catch me (not that you really want to), and I can't catch myself either.
I do not see the path, I simply am moved. Moved to dance and lay in the grass, moved to sit under a bridge, moved to tears, moved to love and laugh and cry.

The wind picks me up and I go. I go and I'm sorry.
It is not fear, but wind--wonderlust--that takes me.
Even when my body stays around, at least my mind goes where the wind wants to take the rest of me.

But you don't notice because it is in silence and with silence that I am dancing.
You just wake up and I'm not there.

This wind, this silence invites you to come, but you are too busy to listen and to dance.
I wonder about where I'll end up too much.
Mostly I just want to know if you're going to come too.

It will be our silent, fantastic adventure.

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