Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm okay with August 25th

On August 25th, I am getting married. What a strange idea that is. That in 5 months, I will be joining someone I love for the rest of our lives. My last name won't be Swysgood anymore, all those little things.

Some of you know me from days when I thought marriage was stupid. That it was the worst decision a woman could do because it would keep her from a life of adventure and independence. But now, I'm (obviously) okay with getting married to James. Here's why

It will be an adventure, neither one of us are closed off to any option for where life will take us. We believe that we were meant to be people who grow and change and seek out meaningful opportunities. When I walk down that aisle, I can honestly say I have no idea what kind of life I'm getting in to, just that I won't do it alone, and that is wonderful.

I am specifically marrying James. He's not my "boss", my job isn't just to sit back and let him take charge of my life...I'm not resigning to a life of housework and cooking and babies (though, if those things happen, they will not be because it's my "duty" it will not only be my responsibility) I have yet to meet someone else outside of my immediate family who so strongly encourages and supports my discovery of my self. And that's why I'm choosing to make him my family.

I want him in my life forever. I know you don't technically need that "piece of paper", but there's something comforting in the idea that we're wanting it to be declared in every possible way. I really do want our belongings to be each others', I want to share every part of my life with this man, because he has given every part of his heart to me.

We've had our struggles. We've stepped back before we stepped forward, and those aren't the last times we'll dance like that. But gosh it will be lovely to watch.